“A math professor is working to challenge political dysfunction in America at a special summer school for mathematicians taking place in Boston this week! Dr. Moon Duchin of Tufts University aims to use mathematics to tackle the growing crisis of extreme gerrymandering that is disenfranchising voters across the United States. Partisan-motivated gerrymandering, when elected officials create absurdly-shaped districts to ensure that they will never face a competitive race, is increasingly seen as one of the greatest threats to the health of American democracy. This trend could be easily seen during the 2016 election when only 8 out of 435 incumbents in the House of Representatives lost their seats despite the fact that many were deeply unpopular with voters. With the increase in court challenges to these unrepresentative districts in recent years, Duchin has spearheaded the creation of a new group to contribute to this fight — by training mathematicians to be expert witnesses when gerrymandering is challenged in court!”
~ Shannon Najmabadi, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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