LWVN Voter Registration Event

On 9/26/2017, National Voter Registration Day, the League of Women Voters of Naperville hosted an event at both Waubonsie Valley High School and Metea Valley High School in Aurora. League members distributed ‘Birthday Boxes’ to students who have recently celebrated their 18th birthdays! These boxes contain valuable non-partisan sources for voter information such as Vote411.org and Votesmart.org and information on how to get registered to vote. Additionally, our team helped to register 243 students to vote! Wow!!!

Thank you to all of the volunteers, schools and teachers who helped to make this such a successful and fun event! And a huge CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to all of the students who participated! For more feedback about this event, you can visit our LWVN Facebook page or take a glance at (teacher) Chris Wolak’s Twitter feed, celebrating this amazing rite of passage as his students register to vote for the first time!

More ‘Birthday Boxes’ are on the way!!!