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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Annual Holiday Party!

Annual Holiday Party This Friday, December 9, 7pm 1524 Fender Road Come join us for holiday fun and socializing! RSVP 961-0725 or Bring an appetizer and a beverage drink and white elephant gift!

Democracy in Action: LWVN's Pocket Guide to being Activist

What can you do right now, today, to be politically active and make Democracy work?


1. Register to vote!

DuPage County

Will County

Check the status of your registration at

DuPage County Board of Elections

Will County Board of Elections

2. Vote in all elections; yes, even the primaries! Our next election, a consolidated primary election, will be February 28, 2017.

3. Become an election judge. Info at

DuPage County Board of Elections and

Will County Board of Elections

4.Become a deputy voter registrar and register voters!

DuPage County

Will County


1. Know who your legislators and public officials are - from the park district to the White House, and everyone in between! Common Cause has a handy dandy list of all your elected officials, right here

2. Contact your legislators in an effective manner so you will have an impact! According to former congressional staffers, the most effective action hands down is a phone call, preferably to their district or state office. Second best is to write a letter. For both phone calls and letters, stick to your own elected officials. If you are not in their district, they are just not interested. If it is possible to meet an elected official or staffer in person, keep it short and civil and to the point. Tweets, FaceBook, and emails have negligible impact.

3.Know how your legislators and elected officials vote. What are they doing on your behalf? Are they allowing drilling for oil at the local grade school, or permitting a water buffalo refuge in the downtown business district? Naperville City Council and Planning Commission minutes are here You can look up state and federal elected officials on If you don't like they way your legislators voted, refer to #2 above and give them a phone call!

4. Keep on top of pending legislation and important court cases that affect issues important to you. Fair warning: this is a Byzantine art.

LWVUS will send you regular updates on important issues we cover.


SCOTUS tracker on USA Today

Supreme Court Review


1. Attend government meetings and sign up to receive City of Naperville meeting agendas here , and attend meetings that cover issues important to you. Many meetings are also broadcast on TV or available to stream later. Broadcast schedule here

2. Sign up to speak at government meetings. Often there is a sign-up sheet for speakers.

3. Get educated on issues, pending legislation, and court cases. LWVUS actively works to improve our government. Another good resource is Common Cause Illinois and U.S. Common Cause

4. Volunteer to serve on a local board or commission. Naperville's Sister Cities Commission and the Advisory Commission on Disabilities are currently looking for new members. Apply here

5. If you are called to serve jury duty, do your duty and serve. It is really not that bad!


1. Go old school and write a letter to the editor.

2. Take part in a peaceful protest march, or organize a peaceful protest yourself.

3. Vote with your checkbook and boycott something.

4. Put a bumper sticker or car magnet on your car.

5. Stick a sign in your yard.

6. Wear a T-shirt or a button with a message.

.7. Circulate a petition.


1. Volunteer to work for a campaign, a political party, or an organization.

2. Run for office!

DuPage County

Will County

3. Donate $$ or help raise $$.

4. Host a coffee or an event to support a candidate or an issue. A cup of coffee and a some cookies make for good conversation starters.

JOIN LWV: Open to men since 1974!

We are dedicated to making Democracy Work!

Community Unity Walk

Sunday, December 11, at 2pm, Moms Building Bridges invites you to a procession of community unity through downtown Naperville. Meet at Fredenhagen Park at Jackson and Washington. A closing program of speakers, and sign ups for continued community engagement will follow at Naperville Central High School cafeteria .

Holidays & Politics

How can you handle political tension over the Thanksgiving weekend? Turkey Day means family political arguments might be simmering away just like your sweet potatoes and gravy!

Five best suggestions for defusing political tension and arguments over the Thanksgiving weekend:

1.Have everyone agree to make the Thanksgiving weekend a politics free time!
2. Put out some boxes of Trivial Pursuit questions on the dinner table and around the house where people get together. The questions are fun & non-political. If the conversation gets heated, just grab a card and start asking people questions. Play a big game of Monopoly
3. Change the topic. "Did you hear about the runaway sheep on the loose in downtown Miami?!"
4. If the discussion gets heated, politely excuse yourself and head to the kitchen to wash some dishes. If the argument follows you to the kitchen, take a bathroom break.
5. Listen to the other person. Hear what they say and use reflective listening skills if necessary. Do not raise your voice.

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Survey Results

Here are the results of our 2016 Survey!

1. Is your baseball team


2. Did you have election fatigue this season? Tired of commercials and news about the election?


3. Did this election cause you to be more careful about expressing your political feelings in public?


4. Are you


5. Did this election cause arguments or division within your family?


6. Is it possible for Congress to function effectively?

maybe in a23.53%16
few years
not sure44.12%30

7. Do you favor term limits for elected officials?


8. Do you favor independent maps for Illinois political districts?


9. Do you favor automatic voter registration?


Do you support a graduated state income tax?


General Election Information

2016 Mock Elections!

On October 6, 2016, 19 area high schools participated in a mock election. 19,456 students voted! Leagues of Women Voters from Downers Grove/Lisle/Woodridge; Elmhurst; Glen Ellyn; Naperville; Roselle/Bloomington; and Wheaton worked together with the DuPage County Election Commission, high school students and teachers. The McCormick Foundation provided a grant to pay for printing of the ballots.

Here are the results: CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TRANSPORTATION FUNDS Yes 10493 78.68%, No 2843 21.32%

PRES + VICE PRES Donald J. Trump 6402, 33.14%. Hillary Clinton 8983, 46.50%. Gary Johnson L 2083, 10.78%. Jill Stein G 986, 5.10%. Write-in Votes 865, 4.48%.

FEDERAL US SENATOR Mark Steven Kirk R 7265, 40.90%. Tammy Duckworth D 7919, 44.58%. Kenton McMillen L 1013, 5.70%. Scott Summers G 1223, 6.88%. Write-in Votes 345, 1.94%.

CON 05 DIST REP Vince Kolber R 580, 33.30%. Mike Quigley D 922, 52.93%. Rob Sherman GP 188, 10.79%. Write-in Votes 52, 2.99%.

CON 06 DIST REP Peter J Roskam R 5374, 56.63%. Amanda Howland D 4115, 43.37%.

CON 08 DIST Peter DiCianni R 1324, 44.21%. Raja Krishnamoorthi D 1671, 55.79%.

CON 11 DIST REP Tonia Khouri 1066, 32.51%. Bill Foster D 2213, 67.49%.

October General Meeting

Wednesday, Otober 12, three panelists gave us their perspectives on Voting Rights in America in 2016:Chris Wolak from Waubonsie Valley High School,Suzanne Chod from North Central College, and Robert Bruhl from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Voter Registration

This year LWV Naperville registered more than 400 new voters! Click here for Chicago Tribune's coverage of our voter registration drive.

Illinois Sunshine

The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, launched a brand new disclosure database -- a wonderful tool for easy access to Illinois State Board of Elections data. Click the logo above check it out.

This new database provides candidate and incumbent fundraising and spending totals and offers a means by which candidates and incumbents can be evaluated along with voter guides and legislative roll call votes.

We thank the ICPR for making this tool available to Illinois voters.

Go here and try it out

Electing the President

Everything You Need to Know About the Presidential Primaries

By: Stephanie Drahan

Millions of voters will vote in the presidential primaries. The rules about the primaries, including when they are held and who can participate, vary widely by state. Here's a quick look to help answer your questions about this pivotal part of our voting system.