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Some of our members are active and busy with League activities throughout the year – registering voters, supporting League positions, keeping our community informed and more. Some of our members join to support our mission. Please review our essential League documents to learn more.

Member Handbook 2022-2023

 Please take a look at the Member Handbook to learn more about what we do and who to contact.


Official governing rules for internal operations and external dealings. Adopted June, 2023

LWV Naperville

Current LWV Naperville Program

League program is the education and advocacy platform that we adopt to move our mission forward. League Principles and positions on public policy issues are included in the LWVUS Bylaws. The current LWV Naperville League Platform includes:

  • Organize and implement responses to support our democracy on local, state, and national levels through local response as appropriate 
    • Responses include, but are not limited to:
      • Letters to the Editor
      • Speaking to the City Council
      • Witness slips 
      • Rallies
      • Lobby Day, lobbying legislators
    • Advocate for issues that are important to Naperville, DuPage County, and Will County
      • Support improved Naperville Municipal Boards and Commissions nomination and appointment process
      • Organize and implement responses to local city and county circumstances as appropriate
      • Advocate for refreshing the DuPage County Heritage Gallery
      • Advocate for Naperville energy concerns and other environmental issues
        • Educate voters about the source of their electricity
        • Support greater transparency and accountability for IMEA (Illinois Municipal Electric Agency) and IMUA (Illinois Municipal Utility Agency)
        • Monitor other environmental concerns as needed
        • Support election integrity and ballot access in Will and DuPage Counties 
          • Continue to observe and support DuPage County and Will County election processes to ensure free and fair elections
          • Observe the procurement of the new election equipment in Will County
          • Support the introduction of local 708 mental health boards.
            • Observe the roll-out of the 708 mental health boards in Lisle Township, Naperville Township, and Will County
            • Continue to advocate for effective mental health delivery systems
          LWV Illinois

          Where We Stand: LWVIL Positions

          Where We Stand is the platform of the League of Women Voters of Illinois. In concert with the LWVUS guide to public policy positions, Impact on Issues, it forms the basis for all action taken by the Illinois Leagues on state and national issues and the League Principles. 
          Where We Stand 2019-2021 covers the LWVIL state positions and the action issues adopted at the 2019 Convention, which are designed to help local Leagues use the state program effectively. The material is organized into four topic sections: Representative Government, Natural Resources, and Social Policy

          LWV United States

          LWVUS priorities for 2021-2022:

          • Pass the ‘For the People’ Act to increase voter access
          • Restore the Voting RIghts Act
          • Implement fair redistricting
          • Ensure equal rights for all
          • Comprehensive immigration reform
          • Address the climate change crisis
          • Ensure quality health care for all Americans
          • End gun violence in America
          • Ensure peace and climate justice abroad

          LWVUS Impact on Issues

          Impact on Issues is designed to help League members use LWVUS public policy positions effectively at the national, state, local, and regional levels. The intention is to inspire Leagues to use national positions to act in their own communities.