Observer Corps

League of Women Voters of Naperville Observer Corps

Protecting our right to know is integral to the health of our democracy. Decisions that determine how our schools will be run, at what level community safety programs will be funded, and how land in our towns will be used impact our lives and are vital to our well-being. These kinds of decisions need to be made with public input and oversight. One important way to ensure that is to observe government meetings.

An observer is an individual who attends a governmental meeting, notes what happens at the meeting, and reports back to the League and the community.

From LWVUS Observing Your Government in Action, Protecting Your Right to Know

Our League of Women Voters of Naperville Observers Corps members have been trained by the League of Women Voters of Illinois and by LWVN. They attend the meetings of certain municipal bodies and create reports designed to help keep citizens apprised of the issues and decisions that make up the work of local government.

The reports are presented here as a public service. They are in no way “official,” but are intended solely as an informal means of enabling citizens to monitor the meetings of local government bodies. Every effort has been made to make these reports accurate; however, like all materials of this nature, they are subject to human error. 

Please use the links below to view the reports.

Naperville City Council

Naperville Park District

Naperville School District 203

Indian Prairie School District 204